Design and Patents


Patent Deposits

A patent is an exclusive right guaranteed by the state, on the basis of which a temporary monopoly of exploitation ranging from 10 to 20 years is granted. The patent gives the holder an exclusive right to prevent or inhibit the use, production, marketing or import of a product. The patent is a formidable commercial tool for businesses, enabling them to gain exclusivity in relation to a product or an innovative process while at the same time allowing them to develop a dominant position on the market and acquire economic resources by granting licenses use (royalty).Click here to read more

– Patent processing from a simple sketch of the idea
The patent is composed of several parts: a summary, in which reference is made to the state of the art, a technical description of the invention in which the object of the invention must be clearly understood to anyone in the art; the claims, which are the subject of patent protection and the technical drawings of the invention.
– 3D design drawing of the invention and subsequent placement in patent format
The drawings must be made in a manner appropriate to the formalities required by the patent office for the submission of the application.
The drawing can be made either from a simple explanation of the invention or if it already possesses a prototype, detecting the dimensions necessary for reproducibility in the CAD environment of the invention.

Trademarks Deposit

The trademark, in law, indicates any sign likely to be represented graphically, in particular words (including names of persons), drawings, letters, figures, sounds, form of a product or its packaging, combinations or color tones, provided that it is appropriate to distinguish the products or services of an undertaking from those of the other.Click here to read more


Analysis and Calculations

For the realization of a project, all the components that compose it should be dimensioned appropriately. In particular, an effort analysis and a kinematic analysis of the relative motion of moving behaviors are performed. Click here to read more


Automated physical therapy bed

Automatic ceramic label machine

Therapy keratocon machine

Mobile fork tilting

Surgical bed

Wind turbine with a vertical axis


Stackable aluminum chairs


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