About us

About Us

Troncone Engineering offers engineering services specializing in mechanical, biomedical, patenting and prototyping of innovative products.
Our company has a solid experience in mechanical and system design in Industrial and Medical sectors. The technical staff has been carefully selected and prepared for the management of technical issues and the identification of new technological solutions. The choice of intervention approaches both in design and production is processed through a systemic method. The various areas of expertise are summarized through a complex identification of the problem that always goes through a technical table where the interfacing of different professional figures allows to handle the problems according to a global vision. The company’s methodology has allowed them to deal with issues of varying complexity in order to offer the best technological solution to the full satisfaction of the customer.

Our firm ‘s intervention makes it possible to enter new design products into a highly competitive marketplace with constant research into technological innovations. The solutions we have proposed with regard to the technical problems found by the state of the art are all characterized by a common denominator: simplicity, functionality and economicity, therefore concrete realization and placing on the market.
Professionalism and seriousness are our strengths: With our highly competitive costs, our company follows and guides the development of your idea from the beginning, passing prototypes up to the next market.
In the section about who we are, some of the awards that have been made in these years are visible.

The team

Phd. Ing. Stefano Troncone


Ing. Alexander Troncone

Project Manager

Ing. Maurizio Giuseppe Maglione

Project Manager

Dott. Francesco Fascelli



Marketing & Sales Manager

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