Mechanical Design

To make any project you need to do a engineering workbook layout starting from a paper sketch to a 3D CAD model and 2D model.

Detail and assembled design drawings, realization of a 3D CAD model and 2D model

To create a model in a CAD environment, you want to design the object of the project through a CAD program, through which you can work with the help of the computer to evolve and define the project. It is an indispensable step for any project, since it is the easiest and cheapest way to design, modify and create the project object.

Analysis and calculations

For the realization of a project, all the components that compose it should be dimensioned appropriately. In particular, an effort analysis and a kinematic analysis of relative motion between moving components are performed.

Project Realization

The realization of a project sees first the realization of a prototype and then the production of the final product.

Real prototype

Realizing a prototype of the patented invention is the concrete phase of the project to verify tangibly whether the functionality and validity of the product meet project expectations.

Finished product

The product is the last stage of the project, the next step is marketing.

Englishing the project

The patent is the document that describes the invention in a patent manner; as such does not have the technical engineering features to allow a company in the industry to produce the or the products derived from the invention. It is therefore necessary, if you intend to go to the production of the product, engineer the invention, for example by creating a distinct base of all the pieces that make up the product, the relative dimensions, the material, and the mounting boards of the product.

Technical information sheet

The technical file is the document certifying that the product complies with current regulations. It is necessary when placing the product on the market.

Privacy in force at present

Compliance with the regulations currently in force is a step that can be made both upstream and downstream of the prototype, but it is indispensable for product marketing.