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Discover the World of Troncone Engineering - Troncone Engineering

The Troncone Engineering is an engineering services company, specialized in mechanical designing, prototyping and patenting of innovative products.

Thanks to the synergy between mechanical and biomedical engineering, the Troncone Engineering company is pleased to introduce"Pandora", the ultra-light wheelchair which gives you back the perception of balance.

Pandora's seatback is reclining back. It allows you to lean your ankles on it and naturally keep your equilibrium just hanging in balance on the self propelling wheels.

Pandora converts into a fun play tool to test your ability. Starting from now, the wheelchair is experienced in a new way.

The active sitting mode brings benefit to your spine and shoulders. Moreover, it allows you to move yourself  and change your usual position.

Pandora is transportable and designed based on you and your needs. It's made ​​of aluminum and it is the lightest wheelchair you could ever get.

The main effort was to grow and develop the idea in a simple and useful way and with acceptably costs. The idea was originated, developed and patented by Stefano Troncone, the Troncone Engineering’s owner. The product’s distribution could be entrusted to companies located in Italy and in other countries abroad and operating in the orthopedic field.

The main advantage of the market impact of this wheelchair is that it’s characterized by a minimalist design, a reduced weight that makes it the lightest wheelchair on the market and a special feature:  the wheelchair can be transformed into an instrument of pleasure and fun; this original device employ the human body abilities of keeping balance in an interactive way. The state of the art about the manual wheelchairs for the disabled people proposes several models with different posture systems. All these wheelchairs, however, walk on a surface of support that does not allow the disabled persons to feel the sense of balance, a common sense of any non-disabled person when he is in standing position.

Its costs are approximately the same of a traditional wheelchair of this class, as the costs of implementations to allow the  configuration change are irrelevant.

The final user takes advantage from the choosing of this product instead of a conventional wheelchair because the consumer obtains a high quality product in terms of design and weight, but with the additional option to have a wheelchair which can turn into an instrument of pleasure and fun, at the same price.

Moreover, the extreme simplicity of this aid guarantees the maximum functionality and easiness of use.




As a standard wheelchair, the "Sistema Javy” is perfectly compact and get easily into restricted spaces even if it has a mechanical lift on his back.
The "Sistema Javy” is always available and it is characterized by the reliability to be an entirely mechanical device.
Furthermore, it has no additional constraint to the electricity. The sliding rod at the bottom allows you to combine the wheelchair adjacent to the new location.

Moreover, the incorporated lift can be easily removed from the wheelchair just by extracting a pin,so that the wheelchair can be used also in the conventional" way. Front wheels are removable,allowing the entrance even in extremely restricted spaces.

App Pandora

App Pandora - Troncone Engineering

Developing a simple application you can monitor the movements of the body while using PANDORA!

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